Travis Ortiz

Design executive specializing in cultivating high-performing teams dedicated to delivering delightful and impactful products and brands. Leading with a keen sense of empathy and strategic acumen to prioritize user-centered design, fueling innovation and exceptional user experiences.

01. Design Leader

As an experienced design leader, I excel in fostering an environment where empathy and strategic thinking intersect to drive innovation and collaboration. My leadership style revolves around understanding and uplifting my team members, ensuring that their voices are heard and their talents are maximized. Through this approach, I cultivate a culture where quality flourishes and creativity thrives.

02. Team Builder

With a keen eye for talent and a knack for scaling teams, I have a proven track record assembling high-performing design teams that align with a company's vision, goals, and values. I establish design principles that not only reflect our goals but also resonate with our users on a deeply human level, ensuring that every touchpoint for our products and brand exudes excellence.

03. Quality Driver

I relentlessly pursue improvements that enhance the user experience while collaborating closely with cross-functional leaders to define clear business outcomes for our products. Because a customer's journey begins before they become a paying customer, I take a holistic approach that integrates product design seamlessly with brand & marketing design, ensuring a cohesive and impactful experience.

The Details


A much more detailed view of my entire career history can be viewed on my print-friendly and downloadable résumé.

Ways to Connect

Interested in working together? You can reach me directly by sending email to travis [at] pixelorperish [dot] com.

© 2024 Pixel or Perish / Travis Ortiz

© 2024 Pixel or Perish / Travis Ortiz

© 2024 Pixel or Perish / Travis Ortiz